Best blockchain stocks to buy in 2018

blockchain stocks to buy in 2018

In the recent years, technologies like blockchain has greatly emerged and is successfully working well. It can significantly change the complete future of finance and everything related to it. The blockchain technology supports all the functions of the cryptocurrencies like Ether, Bitcoin and Ripple. Also, it has got the potential to revolutionize the marketplaces and the methods in which data is kept and is transferred across the globe for several years. Blockchain is basically a digital accounting system which accurately registers all the transactions and stores each and every change as a block.

To invest into blockchain is not a very tough task, but identifying the authenticity of a company before investing is necessary. There are multiple firms rising up each day in this field.

The blockchain stocks to be invested in

The technological progress can help the investors know everything about the blockchain stocks. Analyzing the companies is an essential part of investing into blockchain. Blockchain stocks to buy 2018 has to consist all the best companies related with blockchain. Here are the best blockchain companies to invest in 2018:

Hitachi: Hitachi is known for its enterprise solutions and bullet trains and is Japan’s biggest technology firm which invests a lot in blockchain. They have been researching about the blockchain technology since early 2000s, even before Bitcoin was invented. With the help of its Financial Innovation Laboratory, this company is continuously working to broaden applications of the blockchain technology using the three-phase approach. Recently, it incorporated a blockchain solution and cryptocurrency for supporting its operational strategy service and supply chain management. Hitachi is currently doing great in the world of blockchain and hence, it is one of the best blockchain related companies to invest in.


IBM was founded way back in 1911 and has been continuously developing technologies to be used in various sectors like industry, business and many more. Which blockchain to invest into is now a very easy question wherein IBM is already harnessing a massive blockchain service for more than 400 clients in many industries. The blockchain platform of IBM offers a fully managed and maintained blockchain as-a-service offering that is delivered with the help of the IBM cloud. This allows individuals and organizations to record and track down any type of transactions. They offer a highly secured record keeping network. Also, IBM has been estimating that its blockchain offering will be decreasing the transaction disputes of financial services from $100 million every year to around $30 million and will also be reducing the overall resolution time by around 77%. With the help of these things, their blockchain platform will have the potential to reduce overall costs for various industries.

Daimler AG

Blockchain advancements are also used by the German Automaker namely, Daimler AG. It has joined hands with LBBW and has launched a corporate loan instrument of one year worth €100 called as a Schuldschein. This is done by utilizing blockchain technologies. In fact, the complete transaction starting from its origination till its execution was done with the help of blockchain technology. Based on this extremely successful blockchain initiative, the company is looking forward to implement blockchain technologies into the complete spectrum of the company’s business practices including auto financing. The Vice President of Daimler AG mentioned that they want to play a very active role in the community of global blockchain technologies. If you want to invest into blockchain, Daimler AG is definitely at the top of the list.

Hive Blockchain Technologies

Hive Blockchain technologies is also on the top of the list as they are the ones who are currently the most involved company in the field of cryptocurrency investments and blockchain. It provides one of the most common and popular blockchain stocks to buy 2018. It is a Canadian technology company that looks forward to bridge the gap between capital markets and blockchain through owning multiple cryptocurrency mining farms spread throughout various strategic locations. They use the blockchain technology for validating all the cryptocurrency transactions. Hive has recently announced an expansion of their mining capabilities to secure a huge scale bitcoin mining facility along with a financing round of over $100 million. Hive blockchain technologies currently mines eight cryptocurrencies inclusive of Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum.


This company is always at the forefront to harness the potential of blockchain. It is a New York based company operating at the intersection point in between technology and finance. This enables investors to navigate the financial markets securely across the world. Which blockchain to invest into has to be smartly thought over and investing in NASDAQ is always a smart move. Their private market was launched in the year 2013 and then they announced their first private securities transactions utilizing blockchain technology.