What is the Bitcoin misery index (BMI)?

bitcoin misery index

What is the bitcoin misery index? That is a question that you will get from the people who are planning to join the bitcoin market. In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto created this unusual digital currency which is now used by most people. The price of one bitcoin has been less than $20 until 2016 when the value increased by more than 120%. A year later, more and more people joined making the price to rise to about $19999. After that, the value reduced by more than 50 percent. Due to that most countries have joined hands to make this currency stable for use.

The need to provide security and regulate this form of currency has led to the introduction of the new miserly index –BMI was introduced and created by Tom Lee in 2018. The index has all the percentages that you can use to win trades. It also has the volatility that you can use in the total trades. The rates are measured from 0-100. The index is said to at the miserly level if the index percentage falls below 27. As the index moves towards the zero zone, the higher the buying signal. You can use the index when planning to sell or buy bitcoin. It is good to sell when the index is above 27 and buy when the index is below 27. That will give you some profit.

At the moment, BMI or bitcoin miserly index can be used as the best market sentiment indicator. The bad thing with the index is that it cannot be used to predict the future. The BMI cannot be an indicator if you will encounter theft in future. It won’t estimate the security and tell you that the SEC will need crypto for legal exchange that will replace the internet-based system that allows the selling and the buying of bitcoin. When using the index, you should be keen and apply it well. Always look at its advantages and disadvantages that you will encounter if you follow it all the way to the end.

Current status of bitcoin

Before investing in bitcoin, most people will like to know the current status of bitcoin. With the information, you can decide if you are going to invest or not. Since its introduction in 2009, most people had not noticed it. If you do not know about it, this is software that has changed the way people send, store and use the money.
Bitcoin is like the traditional way of tracking money using ledgers, but it is a bit complex in the back end operation. Most professors compare it with spreadsheets and a modern type of ledgers. In short, the copies of the ledger are located all over the world, and no single computer holds it. The good thing about bitcoin is that it is very secure. It does not have one machine or computer that can be hacked to change the figures. For you to use bitcoin, you must have a password or key that will give you access and allow movement the bitcoin that you want to send. Unlike other ways of paying, the value of bitcoin keeps on changing.

Bitcoin is a much secure form of transacting, and that is done by the use of security keys and passwords that will let you send your bitcoin. You must have the password to authorize the movement of your Bitcoin to someone else. Unlike other forms of payment, however, the Bitcoin’s value fluctuates. Despite that, this type of currency keeps on improving, and most people are moving towards it.


At the moment, Bitcoin remains the safest and secure way that you can use for transacting. Most government and states like the USA are looking for ways to make bitcoin a legal mode of currency. For instance, you China and South Korea are involved much discussion about Bitcoin. That makes BTC stable and the current mode of exchange that most countries and states will adapt. That is why some firm and companies are out giving platforms for mining and reading reviews about BTC. If you have not joined it, you can use BitClub Network for all types of mining solution. You will get a lot of information that will assist you with what you need to know about bitcoin.